Links: Nov 8

You know, I’m totally baffled by the contrast in quality of Obama for America 2012 and ObamaCare projects. The first one was top-notch bleeding-edge technology project carried out with gleaming excellence, the second though has been a model failure by all means.

4Gb/s, 10k requests per second, 2,000 nodes, 3 datacenters, 180TB and 8.5 billion requests. Design, deploy, dismantle in 583 days to elect the President. #madops

Tweet above summarises the challenge for OFA2012 project and here are few links about it:

Calamities with look like they’ve been using services of the /dev/null-as-a-service kind. Facepalm.

Got an email from google+ telling me I’m eligible for custom URL. Made me even log in, found out it was still as revolting as it had been for a year or so, and on top of it, my very first posts to google+ were missing. Actually, one of the reasons I started to use G+ was to save interesting links I had come across, and as you might imagine, I’m thrilled to discover they wipe my older posts. So expect some flashbacks, as I’m not going to loose interesting stuff and will repost it here.

Continuing to catch-up on links:


  • The Ars Technica Review of Mac OS X Mavericks, in-depth, long, and interesting reading.
  • Recommended server-side SSL configurations
  • DevOps Look-fors — the way of assessing your processes maturity
  • Beej’s Guide to Network Programming
  • Question asked on many interviews — can root kill init process? It depends.
  • Algorithms part 2 commenced!
  • Boostrap 3 add-ons collection (in Russian).



  • Banksy turns 50$ painting into 1M$ treasure
  • How a plan becomes policy:

In the beginning was the plan.
And then came the assumptions.
And the assumptions were without form.
And the plan was without substance.
And darkness was upon the face of the workers.
And they spoke among themselves saying,
“It is a crock of shit and it stinketh.”
And the workers went unto their supervisors and said,
“It is a pale of dung and none may abide the odor thereof.”
And the supervisor went unto their managers and said,
“It is a container of excrement and it is very strong, such that none may abide by it.”
And the managers went unto their directors, saying,
“It is a vessel of fertilizer, and none may abide its strength.”
And the directors spoke among themselves, saying to one another,
“It contains that which aids plant growth and it is very strong.”
And the directors went unto the vice presidents, saying unto them,
“It promotes growth and is very powerful.”
And the vice presidents went unto the president, saying unto him,
“The new plan will promote the growth and vigor of the company, with powerful effects.”
And the president looked upon the plan and saw that it was good.
And the plan became policy.
This is how shit happens.

  • Jennifer’s the winner: Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls, State-by-State

Popular Girl’s Names